Bioorganic Chemistry - the crossroad of biology and synthesis

In addition to basic research for the development of new methods and strategies of synthesis, the focus of the Institute is on practice-oriented synthetic chemistry. The cornerstones of our activities are the synthesis and characterisation of products that are industrially and technologically exploitable and marketable as well as the development of technical manufacturing processes.
With its extensive synthesis know-how in inorganic, organic and macromolecular chemistry, the Institute is an ideal platform for cooperation partners, thus fulfilling the demands of an University of Technology with a strong application and practice-orientation.

Group Leader: Associate Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Florian Rudroff

Recent News and Updates

Enzyme Cascade Design and Modelling

In our book “Enzyme Cascade Design and Modelling” we have joined our forces and brought a team of experts in multi-enzymatic and chemo-enzymatic cascades! Editors: Kara, Selin, Rudroff, Florian (Eds.) Book Highlights

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Biocatalysis in Green and Blue: Cyanobacteria

Recently, several studies have proven the potential of cyanobacteria as whole-cell biocatalysts for biotransformation. Compared to heterotrophic hosts, cyanobacteria show unique advantages thanks to their photoautotrophic metabolism. Their ability to

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Staff Leaders

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