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Rhodium‑catalyzed direct alkylation of benzylic amines using alkyl bromides

Within this contribution, the development and substrate scope evaluation of a direct alkylation protocol of the C(sp3)–H bond of benzylic amines using alkyl bromides is reported. This pyridine-directed method is initiated by elimination of the alkyl bromide to a terminal olefin, which is then the true alkylating agent. Authors:Martin Anschuber, Robert Pollice, Michael Schnürch DOI:

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Boosting photobioredox catalysis by morpholine electron donors under aerobic conditions

Light-driven reduction of flavins, e.g. FAD or FMN, by sacrificial electron donors emerged as a convenient method to promote biocatalytic transformations. However, flavin activation has been restricted to oxygen-free conditions to prevent enzyme deactivation caused by reactive oxygen species (ROS). Herein, we show that the photoreduction of FMN by morpholines, including 3-(N-morpholino)propanesulfonic acid (MOPS), lessens the deactivation

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BioZone Project by Florian Rudroff approved by FWF

We are happy to announce that Florian Rudroff was granted FWF Project with title, Biologisch inspirierte Alkenspaltung – BioZone The key scientific challenges are the following: Find a biochemical substitute to the well-established chemical ozonolysis. Development of chemical probes to screen Nature’s huge sequence space efficiently and accurately. Novel biocatalyst: broad substrate scope, use a

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